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Intake is the low hanging fruit of growth. For your law firm to grow and meet its objectives, intake must work and it must work well. The great news is that we’ve got you covered.

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What is Intake? 

It’s who answers your phone, and what they say.

It takes training, testing and tweaking, but we’ve already done all of that for you.

Changing your intake system is the single most powerful thing you can do to capture new clients and start a meaningful conversation to keep them from running to another firm.

By using the Modern Law Practice Intake Team, you’ll bypass the time and expense needed to do this right. You’ll also have an instant way to grow and scale up your practice.


modern law intake

There is no aspect of your law firm that is more critical, or at risk, than your intake system. Given the demands of your firm, your internal employees do not have the time, training, or ability to do intake well.

We have perfected intake.

With Modern Law Intake, you are getting a complete intake system that can work with your existing virtual or physical receptionist to immediately convert more of the clients you want.

The Modern Law Intake system, powered by UPLevel, gives you trained, managed, and dedicated team members working within your software systems maximize all the nurture sequences of your customer life cycle and the extraction of data we need to measure results.

To hear more about our thoughts on intake, click here.

Sales, done for you

Whether you’re a single member practice or a growing team, sales are critical to keeping your bottom line healthy. There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel when you use the Modern Law Practice Intake System.  It works for you wherever you are and whenever your potential client calls.

What You Get

Take a closer look at what Your Intake System Can Do For You

Financial MOdels

Do you know your expense ratios? Are you spending too much on space, employees, or advertising? Are you charging your clinets the right pricing and correctly setting your pricing structure?

Client Workflows

From client intake to closing cases, we provide workflows and standard operating procedures for all critical aspects of how to run your law firm. No more guessing and experimenting, we’ve got you covered.

selecting and optimizing your software

Are you using 10% of the software features available to you? Do you input data in 20 different systems? We will help you select what you need or use what you have to maximize your bottom line.

see your numbers

We provide a beautiful dashboard that will display all of your critical key performance indicators to measure your sales, operations, and financial health. Get the data out of the software and in front of your face.

establish your values and maximize your marketing

You need a crystal clear WHY embedded into your law office mission and values. Once you start communicating exactly who you are, you will attract ideal clients and rave customer reviews.

Hiring, Training and Managing Employees

Your system of management will help ensure you are completing your duties as a manager. Learn how we structure our management system to make your office run even when you’re not there.

Are you Ready to get professional?

Get a personalized strategy for your law firm and be prepared to grow.

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