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Billie Tarascio

Billie Tarascio

Billie Tarascio has been pushing the boundaries for how to build a successful law practice since starting Modern Law in 2008 in Mesa, Arizona.

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Chad Burton

Chad Burton

Chad is a former litigator who developed one of the nation’s first “new model” law firms, leveraging cloud-based technology and modern business practices to develop a lean virtual law firm.

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Caitlin Lindahl

Caitlin Lindahl

An Oregon Coast native and Office Manager for Modern Law, Caitlin specializes in office systems and the nuts and bolts of behind-the-scenes work of a law practice.

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Interviews and Articles


Building A Modern Law Firm

Billie Tarascio talks with the folks at Clio to detail the steps to growing a law firm in today’s world. Listen in to get all the details on how it works.


Advice From A Legal Rebel

The ABA Journal featured Billie Tarascio in a recent article on how she used her own law firm as a laboratory to test and tweak a better system for a productive office.


The Gen-Why Lawyer

On the Gen-Why Lawyer’s podcast #164, Billie Tarascio talks about growing and managing a Modern Law Practice. Listen and download the podcast so you can hear it while you’re on the go.

Culture, Vision, Values

Whys is Culture, Vision and Values so important?

You will use this as the bar by which you measure your activities. It will save you tens of thousands of dollars in mistakes.

if you don’t know where you’re going, you won’t get there.

You may need to retreat from your daily tasks to accomplish the goal of determining your culture, vision and values.

what are you trying to accomplish?

make a million dollars? Help people with disabilitites? Lower the cost of legal services for tenants? Run the biggest law firm in your town? You must ask these questions first before you can reach your destination.

Make This a priority

Most business owners gloss over this step as very difficult and unimportant. I agree with them that it is very difficult, but it is probably the most important thing you can do as a business owner and lawyer. The results of this exercise will become your road map to the many decisions you must make as a business owner.

This is a process

You need to retreat from the noise to properly determine who you are and what you are trying to accomplish. You will be tempted to resist this step—DON’T DO IT!

What We Do

Take a closer look at what the Modern Law Office needs

Increase your profits

Attorneys are, on average, earning less now than they did 30 years ago. That’s because they haven’t changed their model to the Modern Law way.


Content optimization

If you are not putting in new content on your website on a regular basis, you are losing clients. Your website should be a work in progress.

Determine your optimum client

Do you know who your perfect client is, or are you mistakenly chasing after customers that you shouldn’t be working with? Once you know this, your office will start running more smoothly.

search engine friendly

There are some simple and basic things that need to happen on your website to create a more SEO-friendly law website. Let us show you our system for making that happen.

establish your values

You need a crystal clear WHY embedded into your law office mission and values. Some offices give this lip service, but we can show you how it translates to your bottom line.

Daily management

Your system of management will help ensure you are completing your duties as a manager. Learn how we structure our management system to make your office run even when you’re not there.

Your Law Office Solution To Profits

Find out how to put Modern Law Office Systems to work in your practice.


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