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The online training system for intake staff

Nobody teaches you office systems in law school, but you’re expected to run an office and manage staff just the same. Here’s the ready-to-go tested system that we use to increase consultation conversions, utilize tech tools with ease, track and measure results and train intake staff. All in one place!

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Create the office machine that drives profitability through tracking

modern law intake

There is no aspect of your law firm that is more critical, or at risk, than your intake system. Given the demands of your firm, your internal employees do not have the time, training, or ability to do intake well.

We have perfected intake.


With Modern Law Intake, you get access to a complete intake system that can work with your existing virtual or physical receptionist to immediately convert more of the clients you want.


Or, you can simply let us do the work for you. The Modern Law Intake system, powered by UPLevel, gives you trained, managed, and dedicated team members working within your software systems maximize all the nurture sequences of your customer life cycle and the extraction of data we need to measure results.

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