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Scaling your firm is hard. There is no playbook. until now.

Stop wondering! Modern Law Practice will give you the best business practices for all aspects of your law firm including, converting more leads into clients, systematically managing your case flow from intake to closing, maximizing your software and getting the data out of the cloud and in front of your face.

It’s Here, a plug and play law firm model

Running a law firm can suck. There are too many choices and too many options and no road map for success. We aren’t taught how to build and manage a business, we are trained to practice law.

The Modern Law Practice System has the formulas to implement within your firm to take the guessing out of law firm operations.

The law firms we work with are high performing and usually technologically advanced. The law firm owners are typically visionaries leading a team. 



There is no aspect of your law firm that is more critical, or at risk, than your intake system. Given the demands of your firm, your internal employees do not have the time, training, or ability to do intake well.

We have perfected intake.

With Modern Law Intake, you are getting a complete intake system that can work with your existing virtual or physical receptionist to immediately convert more of the clients you want.

The Modern Law Intake system is more than phone answering. With Modern Law Intake you get a team of dedicated, trained people you don’t have to hire, train or manage. The team includes professional oversight, customer service and sales professionals, and data analysts who continually monitor and report on your progress. Our phone answers are truly part of your internal team and receive sophisticated sales and persuasion techniques to identify and retain your best target clients. We don’t stop there, the system continues through your consultations to what is most important, actually getting hired. Now you can grow.  We measure and report to ensure a return on your investment. 

To hear more about our thoughts on intake, click here.


How do you know what’s working? Most law firm owners are essentially blind as to how their firm is performing. Usually, we look to our bank accounts and size up our general feeling to determine if we are on track. No more! An essential component of Modern Law Practice is measuring what matters. When you buy this plug and play law firm, you will get regular reports of data that matters, accompanied by insights and takeaways that may be critical to your growth and success. Spot problems early, plan for growth. When you know your numbers, you are truly under control. You reports will tell you how your firm is performing with regards to attracting and converting clients, serving those clients efficiently and effectively, exactly how productive is each employee, and the overall and ongoing financial health of the firm.

Why does it matter? There are signs long before your bank balance plummets that your firm has a problem. You should know.

What We Do

Take a closer look at what Modern Law Practice Provides

Financial MOdels

Do you know your expense ratios? Are you spending too much on space, employees, or advertising? Are you charging your clients the right pricing, and using the right pricing structure?


client Workflows

From client intake to closing cases, we provide workflows and standard operating procedures for all critical aspects of how to run your law firm. No more guessing and experimenting, we’ve got you covered.

selecting and optimizing your software

Are you using 10% of the software features available to you? Do you input data in 20 different systems? We will help you select what you need or use what you have to maximize your bottom line.

see your numbers

We provide a beautiful dashboard that will display all of your critical key performance indicators to measure your sales, operations, and financial health. Get the data out of the software and in front of your face.

establish your values and maximize your marketing

You need a crystal clear WHY embedded into your law office mission and values. Once you start communicating exactly who you are, you will attract ideal clients and rave customer reviews.

Hiring, Training and Managing Employees

Your system of management will help ensure you are completing your duties as a manager. Learn how we structure our management system to make your office run even when you’re not there.

Your Law Office Solution To Profits

Find out how to put Modern Law Office Systems to work in your practice.

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