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With Personal Coaching For your office

With the full Modern Law Intake System, we start with a consultation and personalized assessment to see where you’re at.

From there, we’ll recommend how to get started, make recommendations that are specific for your office, and give you access to our online training modules.

From there, you’ll get even more personal help tracking your results, and analyzing the numbers to see how your doing, and if anything needs to change.

This is the best option for personalized coaching and training that will pay off dividends for years to come.

Get All-Access membership to the MLP course library

Independent Learning all year

With dozens of courses to choose from in our training library, you can learn how to use today’s best tools for a law office, and how to integrate them so that you know exactly what your numbers are.

Plus, your intake team can access our video training to see what to do and how to deal with prospective clients, even without a legal background.

Also, you’ll get access to our training for consultations, so instead of dreading the ‘sales’ you’ll learn how to sail through and easily connect with new clients. These tools will guide you as you grow your success all year long.

Choose as you go: the Ala Carte Training Courses

Select what works for you

The Modern Law Practice Course library is growing on a regular basis. We know that not every office is the same, and you may only need access to a few courses at a time. That’s okay. We have options for you.

You can concentrate on tuning up your technology tools, consultation savvy or giving your intake team an online training course so your admin staff can save precious time doing other things.

This is a great option for accessing targeting help for upgrading your office success. Plus, these are the same systems we use at Modern Law Practice!

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Your Best Buy: All Access All Year 

The First Step To Learning Successful Intake For Your Law Firm

The online training system for intake staff

Nobody teaches you office systems in law school, but you’re expected to run an office and manage staff just the same. Here’s the ready-to-go tested system that we use to increase consultation conversions, utilize tech tools with ease, track and measure results and train intake staff. All in one place!

use our tested Management setup in clio grow 

Create the office machine that drives profitability through tracking

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