Your law firm team needs leadership to get them through uncertainty and anxiety. YOU can provide that leadership. Make sure you are meeting with your team and telling them how your vision has adjusted due to the covid-19 crisis. If you lead, they will follow. If you don’t, they will leave.

We did our first virtual quarterly conference with the team this week. The vast majority of people were present via Zoom, and we went over our usual starting points. Those include:

  • Everyone’s best business and personal news in the last 90 days
  • What’s working and not working in the last 90 days

The general feeling of my team was of anxiety and uncertainty, but nobody had anything to say that wasn’t working in the organization. But there are still BIG DEAL issues going on: how to work from home and how to deal with mental health as we all navigate through this global health and business crisis. What they desperately need is Leadership.

So I got the opportunity to do that. It starts with understanding where we’re at, calling it out, and telling everyone what the plan is. I gave a presentation on that, and talked about how we are positioning ourselves strategically during this crisis, and what they needed to do to be part of that.

As a result, everyone felt stronger and more confident moving forward. We’re all in the same boat, and this is definitely the boat they all want to be in: together.

By stepping up your leadership and communication, you’ll be providing a path for everyone to emerge stronger than you were before. This is a crazy apocolyptic time, but we’re managing it, and so can you.