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Here’s a quick wrap up and debrief on my 5 (no, 3) day fast, plus our updated retreat agenda for 2020 planning. We’re soon to leave on our annual retreat on a cruise this year to celebrate our 10 year anniversary for Modern Law. We’ll be taking some time while at sea to meet and talk shop about our office. We’ll be doing a 360 exercise to dig deep into radical candor for our annual review. It’s intense, especially for introverts. Your annual or quarterly meetings are the time for your team to be giving you the input you need, and vice versa.
Your team should be working with you, rowing in the same direction as you grow. But the same strategies that worked for retreats when you were 5 people won’t work when you are 15 people. Do you need a leadership team? Should you exclude some people from your planning? That’s not the direction we are taking.  Listen in to hear how we structure our meeting and really focus on people and our project management.