Oh software. We love technology, we love automation. We hate duplicate entry and bouncing from window to window. We want simplicity, efficiency, and amazing tools that all talk and sync flawlessly. Our software journey is ever evolving and always growing. 

 Here’s a list of some of our favorite online services:

Zipwhip -This texting app is a game changer for allowing clients and potential clients to communicate with the office via texting.

Clio – Clio’s roll outs have us as excited as ever about a program we have been using for more than five years.

Trello – Visualizing our workflow by phase of case, attorney, and tasks within each case makes it easy to see at a glance how the firm is performing and spot bottlenecks in our workflow. Trello can be used for all sorts of project management and has a ton of quick and easy integrations.

Box – Box does exactly what we need it to do. It manages documents, tasks within documents, has version control and makes sharing a breeze.

Slack – Using slack for internal communications cuts down on the endless email traffic and allows for creative communications both internally and with key members outside our team. The new beta feature allows linking of accounts, a real game changer for those who prefer not to toggle between dozens of accounts.

Google Apps – Email, calendar and sheets for information we want at our fingertips

Infusionsoft – Kills our intake process with the help of Zapier shooting information to trello, sheets, and Clio. Email campaigns and newsletters are a key piece of our sales process.

Acuity – We use acuity for automatic scheduling, data collection, and easy self scheduling options for potential clients and clients. 

Vonage – this Voip system has built in texting, integrates with Clio, and has an intuitive interface and a great app that doesn’t need to be open to ring to your cell. It supports our mobile environment.

Zoom – Zoom is a video meeting platform. It’s easy to use, cost effective, and allows clients and staff to attend meetings from anywhere.

Adobe Pro- We all know adobe is great for combining documents, redacting, and sending out for esiganture. We also use it to create exhbit workbooks for electronic trial presentation. This program can be used in a ton of creative ways within the law firm.

Air Pods- OK, while not a software, air pods are some of the coolest and most useful gadgets for work and real life. These magical little speaking are great for listening to music, phone and video conferences and even recording podcasts.

Choosing software isn’t always easy and amazing software comes out every day. Do not limit yourself to “legal software” and check out the terms and conditions to ensure that your are meeting your confidentiality requirements.

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