With Covid-19 affecting every aspect of business across the United States, our own law office, Modern Law, is suddenly finding itself in a lull. We don’t expect that to last. China sources have reported a definite uptick in family law issues triggered by the lengthy quarantine, and we expect divorce, separation and custody issues to be coming at us like a fire hose once Covid-19 settles down.

Meanwhile, here at Modern Law Practice, where we work with law firms around the country, we’re seeing a renewed interest by law firms in spending time on the business aspects of their firms to tweak their systems. Let’s face it, court proceedings are going to be slowing if not altogether cancelled, and we have moved to remote work as much as possible.

So don’t get lazy during this slow time. It’s time to geek out on your firm and do the work to make it better. We will see law firms fail after this economic downturn, and we will see other law firms come out on top.

Are you taking advantage of this time to invest in your business? To set yourself up for the influx demand that will be coming your way? Are you marketing? Are you setting up a system and infrastructure to succeed? Now is an incredible opportunity. Do not waste it.