Good morning, happy Monday in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s Billie Tarascio from Modern Law practice, and this blog is specifically for the family law attorneys out there. This is an interesting opportunity for us family lawyers. The week will slow down.

My week looks emptier than it’s ever looked. Part of that is because some travel got canceled, but also, people aren’t going out so much, everything’s slowing down. But, a lot of things happen when when when things slow down, people have more time to think. They have more time to contemplate.

And coming out of this next several months, or weeks, will be a surge of filings for divorce, for contempt, for enforcements, and for modifications of current plans. You can already see what’s happening with people, family law wise, just heating up and we always see the surge after the holidays, well this is going to be much, much more.

How do we know? Well, China has already seen record numbers of divorce filings. We’ve got clients contacting us who are saying, that they’re going to need to modify the parenting plan, that they’re not exchanging their kids for parenting time and there’s going to be contempt filings.

Our law firms are going to blow up. At the same time, we’ve got this period of lull that gives you as a family law attorney, an owner, an opportunity to really take a look at your practice, and figure out what’s working, what’s not. What are the efficiencies that I can maximize right now? How do I invest in my business? Because, you have an opportunity right now where you’re not going to have clients. Courts are going to start postponing hearings. And the day to day grind is going to ease up for you. Take advantage of this time to invest in your business, invest in your intake process, invest in offsite and remote efficiencies and functionalities.

Think about how you can be cutting your costs during this time. We don’t typically have the time to really look at our business, and analyze our spending, and figure out, what am I spending money on that’s going to make me money longterm, and what am I spending money on that maybe I shouldn’t be? We’ve got so many people contacting Modern Law practice for consulting right now, and we’re doing it all remote, and we’re offering it at a lower price because of the remote nature. You know, if we cut down on travel, it means we can have more meetings via Zoom, and we can figure out how to invest in the infrastructure in the law firms.

So, make sure to take this time and do that, don’t just geek out on Netflix. This is an opportunity to come out stronger, or weaker. And we will see law firms fail after this, and we will see law firms grow after this. Which one are you going to be? And what are you doing right now to invest in your business? And what are you doing to lift up your team? I really would like to know the answers to those questions. So, hit me up, let me know, subscribe, talk to you soon.